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HelmontCO2 is an Italian company operating in the field of integrated energy services and in the environmental sector. The added value of HelmontCO2 is the ability to assist clients with a team of highly specialized professionals. Excellent understanding of the sector in terms of legislation in combination with the high professionalism, assisting large companies in complying with the requirements of compliance and adopting the best envirnonmental and energetic solutions. HelmontcC02 is an active reality in CARBON MARKET providing financial services brokerage and trading solutions for companies subject to the regulations on greenhouse gases (ETS). It also provides assistance in all phases of implementation of interventions of Energy Efficiency: from the first detection data to the design of interventions, to raise financial resources, to monitoring performance sfter realized interventions. Qualified by GSE, Helmontco2 supports its customers in the path for energy efficiency, through clear and simple solutions to cover economic investment and consultancy for obtaining Efficiency Energetic Certificates. We pursue a philosophy based on transparency and sharing of solutions with one goal: your trust.

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Carbon Market

Trading solutions in major international markets, business analysis on consumption, environmental impact of standard efficiency, actionable advice on measures to reduce environmental impact, development of marketing strategies and eco-friendly image and consulting in terms od compliance.

Sustainable Efficiency

What makes Helmont CO2 a pioneer in the field of energy efficiency is certainly its ability to experimentation to produce energy and environmental knowledge able to read the complexity of our industrial and tertiary systems. The goal is to improve the energy efficiency of industrial and commercial activities, as energy is a precious and indispensable and, therefore, should not be wasted. In this context, Helmontco2 elaborated a portfolio of offers for companies, about energy consulting services based on modules grouped into three levels of service BASIC, PLUS and PRO with increasing completeness and complexity of analysis. The choice of modularity in the offer of services to improve energy efficiency was developed to be able to give the opportunity to companies to compare their needs and their state of progress in the energy field, so  to complete and / or reinforce these needs when necessary according to different schedules and plannings.

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Emission Market
Check your future.

The European program on climate change was introduced in 2000 by the EU. The treaty to combat climate change is the Kyoto Protocol, which came into force on February 16, 2005 after being ratified by those industrialized countries whose emissions of carbon dioxide and / or gas equivalent (CO2) represents the 55% of the totality of emissions. The treaty obliges the industrialized countries and those with economies in transition to a reduction of 7%, the emission of pollutants such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gas emissions compared to levels of 1990.

2003/87/CE (ETS Directive) that has established a Community system of trading greenhouse gas called Emission Trading Scheme (ETS). The adoption of the D.L. n° 273 of 12/11/2004 has allowed the application of the ETS Directive in Italy since 1/1/2005 and has sanctioned the implementing provisions of the Decision C (2004) 130 establishing guidelines for the monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change, global warming and the melting of glaciers are real phenomena, current issues they become every day more important. The sectors involved are:

The management of the EU ETS not only generates constraints, can also become an opportunity.

The companies that measure their emissions, who run their production plan with foresight, anticipating their consumption, will benefit from the great advantages both financial and strategic. HelmontCO2 helps its clients in defining the most effective strategy to operate in the markets. This service takes into account specific variables, such as the type of plant of the company, its financial requirements, its annual allocated, the net position in compliance (to emission cap); All this is to minimize costs and manage their stock of CO2 in a strategic way.


HelmontCO2 assists companies of all sizes to meet their obligations for compliance and thus improve the environmental and financial performance. Today too many PMI ignore environmental obligations incumbent on them and at the same time do not know the profitable advantages of a good and efficient green company policy. HelmontCO2 aims to achieve these goals through continuous monitoring activities and ongoing support both in terms of legal / regulatory and technical aspect. Each company is unique and inimitable: our every effort, therefore, is guaranteed to meet the needs of our customers.

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Energy Efficiency
Transform energy into opportunities.


  • energetic efficiency (EE)
  • renewable energies (FER)
  • distributed generation (GD)


  • Energy audits
  • Design, construction and maintenance operations
  • Energetic and environmental monitoring
  • Energy Management System -ISO50001
  • Managing energy stocks: Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE), Green Certificates (CV), Quote CO2 emissions
  • Obtaining financial resources
  • Training
ISO 50001
Operative certifications.

Transposition of Directive 27/2012 with the Legislative Decree no. 102 of July 4, 2014 has effectively oriented companies into the concept of energy efficiency; proposing a series of measures for the promotion and improvement. Large companies (companies with more than 250 employees, turnover of more than EUR 50 million and an annual balance sheet total of over 43 million euro) and energy-intensive businesses are required by December 5, 2015 to run every four years an energy audit on all domestic production sites. HelmontCO2 assists companies in complying with the requirements of compliance and adopting the best environmental strategic solutions.


The Webgis Energy Monitor is a platform developed to support companies and public bodies in the management and monitoring of cosumi energy and related CO2 emissions. The instrument, under continuous development, starting from the analysis of the energy consumption of individual proprietary utilities to get to the determination of the specific energy consumption and annual and accrued emission of greenhouse gases. A special section also allows to assess the energy performance of the various envelope components and systems for each building and the possible interventions restrofitting a function of the economic parameters of return of the investment.


The constant evolution of matter reflects the need for a careful monitoring of legislative activity, anticipating the sectoral rules, know the trends and adapt before competitors with a dedicated channel and constant and updated information. The green perception company becomes an element of distinction in the market, the fundamental building block of the final product and not more than a simple outline. With the “Regolatory Watch”, HelmontCO2 acts as a real tachometer to navigate the complex legal method of environmental and energy obligations imposed and to provide the market with a product perceived differently. The importance of having a tool of compliance acting actively supporting the company in the decisions in preventing environmental energy sanctions and to differentiate abilities and consequent green oriented reflections.

1 | Sensing data

Detection of all data and the actual consumption to supplement the audit phase to a representation of the real state.

2 | Analysis
  • Energetic-environmental audit
  • Feasibility study
  • Energy management system
  • Energy starting certification
3 | Design
  • Defining project
  • Finding suppliers
  • Economic - financial plan
  • Analysis of environmental impacts, economic, financial, equity
  • Coordination
4 | Realization
  • Identifying and finding finance
  • Construction management
  • Interventions of energy efficiency, distributed generation, renewables, cogeneration, trigeneration, district heating
  • Verification of the correspondence between the project and its realization
5 | Testing
  • Startup
  • Final energy certification and environmental certification
  • Ecological footprint and environmental balance
  • Management post delivery and maintenance
  • Equipment disposal
6 | Analysis
  • Monitoring performance, and actual consumption as a result of interventions
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Investing in the future.

HelmontCO2 is a major trading house present in environmental markets. With our trading desk we can offer different solutions at all times, quickly, with the best price conditions and settlement of each type of contract and operation structured.

Products for trading.




arrows_up_downSingle order for the purchase or sale of EUA, EUAA, CER, ERU o VER

- Simple to perform

– Instant delivery

Minimize time and effort necessary for compliance


arrows_crossOrder for more purchases or sales of certificates in a predetermined period

- Reduced exposure to market volatility

– Cash flows distributed over the entire period


targetBuying or selling certificates at a predetermined price

Opportunity to reach the target price without investing resources

Achieve a target price in a given period


graphStandard order for the purchase and sale on a future date at a predetermined price

- Elimination of price risk

– Listed on the market

– Secured by a Cleaning House

Hedge against price changes and improve budget planning


check_iconRight to buy or sell the certificates at a predetermined price

- Elimination of market risk

– Unlimited potential

– Negotiable on market

Hedge against price changes, taking advantage of market opportunities

Il mercato della CO2 si caratterizza come un mercato nuovo e in forte sviluppo. Fin dalla sua nascita nel 2005 ha registrato forti movimenti che non si sono arrestati nemmeno nel periodo della crisi finanziaria. La necessità di ridurre le emissioni di CO2 nell’atmosfera ha indotto il regolatore a prevedere una normativa sempre più stringente per gli operatori coinvolti.

La variabile “News”, ovvero tutte le notizie di cambiamenti o modifiche al sistema, risulta essere il principale fattore che pesa sulla formazione del prezzo dei permessi, portando l’andamento a slegarsi da quello dei più naturali driver di mercato, quali quelli energetici e macroeconomici.

HelmontCO2 consiglia ai propri clienti la migliore strategia per operare, in modo da tramutare un mercato instabile e slegato in chiare indicazioni.

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An always active company.